About Us

D.P. & Associates was initiated by Ar. Durgesh Pendurkar in the year 1993 Since then it continues to be one of the most sought after Company in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design & Project Management. Our portfolio comprises of Rishi Gurukulam – Katar Khadak, Shree Satguru Gajanan maharaj temple Nanij Ratnagiri ,Gajalee group, Neway Hospital – Sanpada,Shree Bhagat Tarachand Chain of Restaurants including first Tensile structure of Maharashtra, to name a few. Manifesting Dreams into Reality is our Passion.

To add grace to the life of people by architecture design.

To design, developed & deliver ideas that connect people.
To create aesthetical structures by blending them with nature.
To enhance standard of happy living.
To give long lasting satisfactory solution.

We believe in efficiency and economy with quality assurances, comffort, functionality in turn maintaining high standards and latest trends.